Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Here is a build to watch!

I had the pleasure of first meeting Joe (JPSwino) at the 2010 Muskegon Backyard Bike Builders meet. One standup guy with a passion for CB750 SOHC's and of course anything else with a motor.

Joe picked up this Cycle One Mfg. (check them out here) Denver's Tribute frame a few weeks ago. He already had one that him and his father (Rick) had started last year for the old man. ***Note, I also met Rick and he is one standup knowledgeable guy as well. Even if he doesn't know the real answer, he will give you one anyway... haha

Both bikes will be CB750's. You can follow along on this build by subscribing to this thread at Thechopperunderground.com.

Rick's will be powered by an 80' DOHC with plans for some CB900 cams to wake it up a bit. Mock up pics with a Columbus springer and some fat wheels. It will receive the same treatment as Joe's with a 21" up front and 150/18 outback.

Joe's bike will receive one of the few punched out SOHC's that litter his shop. He has not decided on the 900 or 1000cc but I am sure it will be radical none the less. Joe has alreayd dressed it up with a Ron Finch springer that has been kicking around for a few years waiting for just the right project.

A few pics of Joe's bike all mocked up into roller form.

Here are just a few other projects that Joe has completed and trust me when i say there are many more in the works.

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