Friday, September 30, 2011

Bill Norton aka Blacksmithbilly


Bill is not a fancy guy with a big fancy website. In fact he doesn't have one at all. I believe this to be a simple things as people knowing his work and seeking him out when they know it requires detail and craftsmanship.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Bill once and often find myself in amazement at the work he does on the build. If he is not creating something on one of many of his machines he is turning out parts for other members throughout TCU.

Bill Norton aka Blacksmithbilly started this build back in the spring. The build is for Andrew (The Comeback) from which is giving his direction and thoughts on how he wants it done. Bill is working the magic!
I obviously cannot show the entire process here but there are tons more pictures and words located HERE.

"The Comeback"

Axle plates


The KR style hardtail

A bit of a change to the seat rails

The cutting down of a +15 springer

Andrew scores some new wheels

Now time for an oil tank...

and the beginning of another BSM exhaust!

A couple of sketches from The Comeback for Billy to go off of

and away he goes...

To see the rest of the pictures and a couple of th ebike in the daylight on it's feet you will have to check out Billy's thread RIGHT HERE on TCU! You don't want to miss this.

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