Wednesday, October 12, 2011

TCU Jackets & Hoodies

The cold weather is starting to set in so I am going to to a run of jackets just like the one I wear and pullover hoodies.

Please read this carefully!!!I will be taking PRE-ORDERS on these. This means I do not have them in stock so please don't PM or email me 1 week after placing your order asking where they are.

I will be taking orders through November 5th. I will then place the order for the jackets and hoodies. It will take 1-2 weeks at best to get them to me and then I will have to have them screen printed. Once the printing is done I will have to sort them, package them and ship them out. Therefore I am going to say to allow me till December 15th to get the items to you. Still plenty of cold left at that date (unfortunately) to enjoy them.

Jackets - $55.00

Hoodies - $35.00

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