Sunday, September 25, 2011


Let me start with this, I don't use my blog for a lot of stuff so I figured to keep it active I would try and do a little write up on different builders from my website

Here is the first installment:


TheGavsDad has been a member of TCU since early December 2010. He jumped right in and succumbed to the craziness we are known for.

In April of 2011 he picked up this little 81' Kawasaki KZ440. He was quick to name it "Indecisive" because he had no plans with the direction he wanted to go. He started with hops of incorporating a 1880's Iver Johnson Champion shotgun into the build somehow but so far has not found a true home for it. He wants to keep the patina of the gun and go with a a black with rust red accents paint job.

He removed behind the seat, cut the existing shock mounts and is moving them forward. Then he cut all the tabs off, the jack underneath and the pass peg mounts. Plans are to convert it to forward controls and re-use the mounts he cut off.

After a run in with a bad starter our good member The Goat hooked him up with a better one and a good set of carbs.
He then found some unknown origin Honda shocks to use and you can see the difference in height from these next two photos.

Another picture with the re-use of a stock OEM fender on the rear.
Now was the time to make the frame changes to accept the new shock in the new location. TheGavsDad cut the rear section and welded in a cross brace. Then he drilled out the new Shock mounts and test fit the grade 8 bolts that he will roset weld into the cross member. Below is a pic of the test fit. Threads will face outward and the shock will mount of the bolts smooth shank.

Upper shock mounts are done, and the lower just needs to be drilled out and tapped.
The Shock mounts are done and the frame is now welded he has also decided to keep the mid controls for now.
He plans for the tank to be an inch lower on the front and he has a set of 12 inch apes all bent and tacked together for it.
Bars are done and painted, have the tank mounts all made just need to weld on.

If you want to follow along or check up on where TheGavsDad is at on this build you can see it here!

Plenty more build logs to follow so stay tuned!

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