Monday, October 31, 2011

Harlo's Kong Project

So a few weeks ago I picked up a hell of a deal. 1975 CB750 with 4-1 exhaust and Lester mags. Well, I have many projects sitting around and Harlo was over one day and said he really wanted to do a CB750 Kong project after seeing Landman's bobber he has been riding the last couple of months.

I decided to pass the deal onto Harlo for the same price and give him a hand building it when I have time.

This past Saturday while the rest of the Flatlanders were partying it up for Halloween at the So'Full Garage we tore into it.

Here it is at the beginning...

and 3 hours later...

Pile of trash removed so far!

This pile is stuff that can be re-sold for cool parts and/or re-useable parts on the build.

The motor on this thing has froze up over the past 2 years sitting outside but we dumped some PB Blaster in the cylinders that day and this evening I was able to kick it over just fine.

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