Thursday, December 15, 2011



Honestly, I wish I could just hibernate through it sometimes. Starting to get cold around here in the venings and of course dark only 2 hours after I get off work. One of these days when kids are grown and gone and I get to retire I will move to southern California and get away from this weather.

Until then I guess I will keep plugging away at things and keep bitching about it.

Now that my house has all new carpet, hardwood flooring and new furniture it is time to get back on to my toys.

I did manage to get the shop cleaned back up and began working on the Kong Project again. I had cut the neck to rake it out to accept the +8 forks I had picked up from Landman over at So'Full Garage. Now I had to weld it back solid and put in some gussets. I got one side done and will hopefully have the other side done soon.

I picked up a DOHC swingarm from a 1979 model off of Mynameismudd on TCU and I also got a local to bend some 1" DOM for me so I can get the seat post rails back into place. So Once this neck area is done it will be time to get the rest of the frame back together.

Until next time I will leave you with this truth...

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