Thursday, November 17, 2011

Trip to the almighty Walmart...

I figured you all would get a kick out of this one...

I decided after work last night to stop into my local Super Walmart to pick up a new wireless keyboard and a surge protector... Now, I never go to big stores. If I cannot buy it at the local farm supply store, hardware store, auto parts store or gas station then I buy online.

I suddenly remembered why I never go to that
It took me 15 minutes to find where I needed to be for the stuff cause I never know where anything is. Then I get it and decide to stop and check out that camera I have been wanting. I pick the camera up and an ear piercing alarm starts going off. Loud as hell and many employees looking at me as I stand there continuing to check it out but not a single one moving to silence this annoying ass alarm. Finally some guy walks out as I walk away to shut it off and I mention it is annoying and he says "Yep!" with a facial expression like it was all my fault for looking at something to buy.
I then go up to pay at one of the only 2 checkouts open (45 closed ones) and my friggin bank check card would not scan, lady scans it 3-4 times and says I will have to pay some other way. I tell her to see if she can round up a manager to hand enter it. She says they cannot do this and I proceed to tell her they can and have before so please call a manager. Finally a kid shows up and I tell him and he does it just as the last time when this happened.
Then I go to leave and the damn security thing goes off at the door and some 16 year old punk kid comes running over like he was gonna tackle me (Now, I remind you I am 6'1" and 300 lbs, this kid is about 5'5" and 90 lbs soaking wet... Yeah, tackle me...lmao). I stop him and tell him he better slow down. He asks to see my receipt, takes stuff up to register, runs over magnet and I walk out finally...
I will try to go another year without stepping into that place!

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