Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dudly's CL360 Build

Some of you might know our member Sody from North (and I mean WAY North) Michigan but do you know that when he is not turning out sweet bikes like the Honda VLX pictured here that he spends his time assisting his little brother learn the wrench?

Sody's 07 VLX Build

Dudly's story...

Here is what he started with... (1974 Honda CL360)

and as any good chopperhead does in the first 4 hours of owning it...

5" stretch in the swingarm will give some much needed room on this little thing...

and how is this for low cost custom building???

A tractor supply trailer fender, narrowed 2" and shortened,
and one of the rear turn signals made with 2" bullet style LEDs and 1 1/2 conduit copmression fittings (slightly modified)
Massged some more room by using pod filters instead of those bulky air boxes. This should also make room for a new battery tray and electrics mount.
After a couple of weeks being immobile from surgery and only getting to watch Sody play in the garage, Dudly was back at it with some rattle cans.

Then it was time to start assembling all the pieces again...

and we have a low cost custom build straight from a hidden garage in the coldest part of Michigan!

Dudly finally gets to go for the first ride! Not bad for a little less than 6 months and a rotator cuff surgery in between. Good job Dudly!


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