Friday, September 16, 2011

So what happened???

If you read the story from the last blog entry you probably read that I broke down and had to be trailer-ed back home from Springfield, IL.

Well, tonight I finally got a chance to dig in and find out what went wrong.

My first impression was the throttle had broke somewhere and locked because the bike was stuck at almost full throttle and would not idle down.

So, lets back up a couple of months and you if you have been following the BBO bike I built and the blog entries on it you know I wanted to get rid of the big nasty ugly air cleaner these Honda Shadows come with. That led me to research on Kajima Funnels. I waited 8 weeks for a set to be shipped from Japan since you cannot buy them in the states. I installed them with new jets, Jet kit and a few other mods.

Well, there lie my problem. The funnel had came apart and this is what I found when I removed the carburetors tonight.
The screen had fallen apart and the filter had been sucked into the carburetor. So after removing and repairing the funnel I decided to give them one more shot and re-installed. I also took the time to change for oil and get the levels set properly. The ol' girl fired up and besides needing a bath and possibly some new plugs in the morning she is ready to roll for my good friend Fred Thacker's benefit and poker run tomorrow.

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