Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WOW! Kind of forgot about this blog.

So, it has been awhile since updating. I promise to try and update more often going forward.

I have been real busy completing the BBO bike for biker build off. I had a blast doing it and had many members help me along the way. Special shout out to the IL TCU crew for all of the assistance and ideas!

This picture is a before and after shot of the 1996 Honda Shadow VLX.

Here are a couple more finished photos and a couple with my wife posing and being as beautiful as ever. She is such a sport and wouldn't have anything if it was not for her.

Since the BBO bike has been completed I have been working hard to get the 2005 Fatboy back on the road and the CB750 Trike finished up before the Moonshine Run. Had to put a new battery in the fatboy and new rear tire. It is done and ready to go!

The trike on the other hand has been a handful! I cannot seem to get the brakes working worth a shit. They are the original servi-car drum brakes and have replaced all parts with new. Keep bleeding them and adjusting but no luck. I did manage to get some diodes wired in and now the tail lights, brake lights and turn signals are all working as they should. Painted the bars black since the picture and installed a mirror. New battery as well. Took it for a ride today and found front wheel loose, brakes still suck! and it will not go back down to a lower idle. Will dig into this on Friday. Time to clean the garage for all the TCU guys coming over for the Moonshine Run!

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  1. Thanks for sharing that great pic of your beautiful wife with us. Oh yeah the bike looks good too. HAHAHAHA